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You are single, successful, and you have everything you desire in life. That is, everything except the right person to share it with. Mariana Gleue, president and founder understands that the more you have to offer, the harder it is to find that special partner.

Mariana Gleue – is a professional matchmaker and relationship expert, who started her career in 1996.

Mariana is a natural born matchmaker who constantly introduces her friends to people she felt would be best suited for them. She has been happy to see many of these encounters resulting in marriages and children. And she has decided to apply her hands-on personal approach to her career as a matchmaker.

As a professional matchmaker who has had the good fortune to transform her favourite leisure time pursuit into a job she truly loves – matchmaking – Mariana Gleue says:

There is nothing as rewarding as bringing together two people, who might have otherwise never found each other, to experience all the joys that a happy marriage can bring.

I know in every detail the often frustrating process of looking for a partner that taught me the most about the importance of professionalism when it comes to matchmaking.

It was the happiness, coupled with my nature of an eternal optimist and a strong believer in falling in love in the most life-giving sense of the term, that led me to establish a matchmaking agency. Our practices are based not only on my knowledge of human psychology, but are also firmly rooted in my commitment to providing genuinely professional and superior quality matchmaking services that meet the need of today’s singles to find Mr. or Ms. Right in an efficient and above all dignified manner.

We are an prestigious introduction agency based in Central West Germany, providing a secure, personalized, and confidential introduction and matchmaking services catering to commitment minded ladies and gentlemen seeking long term relationships – bespoke service for everyone who want the very Best and do not want to compromise.

Thousands of attractive, intelligent, and successful people are so busy with their demanding careers and pressured lifestyles leaving them with very limited opportunities to find that special someone to share their lives with.

I know my clients personally. I meet in-person with each client and together we define the desires, needs and aims for each partnership. Every introduction is carefully selected after evaluating key considerations such as lifestyle preferences, cultural passions and philosophical compatibilities.

What makes us unique:

Considering the high profile of our members we aim to provide the most private and confidential service.

  • Our members identities are never revealed outside the realm of their membership.
  • All our members have been pre-screened, verified, and interviewed for your protection.
  • We use a unique and innovative approach to traditional matchmaking.
  • Our members enjoy a choice of three distinct levels of membership. Bespoke Personal Introductions is sure to offer a plan to suit your needs.

We specialize in highly customized introductions, introducing couples the old-fashioned way, the only way that assures a high rate of success. Using our distinctive approach, we are dedicated to crafting enduring relationships. Our meticulous screening and selection process ensures that potential partners are carefully matched based on family values, social and economic backgrounds, personality, lifestyle, future expectations, and other important considerations unique to each individual. We work closely with our clients. You provide us with the qualifications and criteria you are seeking, and we find the best match for you. Our company is all about personal service. We are not a dating service. We are dedicated to creating successful relationships that last

Needless to say, I never lose sight of the fact that the search for a mate involves some of our deepest and most fragile feelings, and thus rest assured that whatever happens, the partner search process you enter with us will at a minimum not diminish your appetite for partnership, and hopefully will bring you the happiness and content you so richly deserve.”

“I am very success-oriented and have never failed at anything because I believe in myself,” says Mariana, who remains active in many community organizations and charitable causes. “I love what I do and haven’t looked back once.”


Mariana Gleue

Founder and Director