Single, selective, successful, simply too busy?

Executive Matchmaking Mariana Gleue brings dignity to romance

With her combined knowledge of human service.399x195relationships and a healthy dose of intuition, she takes the straight-forward approach of listening and asking questions to get to the heart of each person.
Marianas passion for match-making and dedication to her clientele is reflected in their high success rate with hundreds of marriages worldwide.
For more information , please call directly: +49 271 65013 and request Mariana Gleue or use this link to go to our Questionnaire.

Special Search Packages

With¬† 2 decades of recruiting experience, Mariana Gleue International has nearly perfected the “Executive Search” technique.
All of our memberships have the exciting option of adding a personal marketing campaign to your program.

These highly-tailored campaigns, are what we call our “Special Search Packages.” They are classically designed to meet your discriminative taste,as well as represent the particular criteria of your future mate.

Today, our “Special Search Packages” have become a staple within this organization, ensuring even those living in challenging demographics can flourish with possibilities.

If you wish to find a doctor in Germany we can do it.
If your preference is to meet someone who shares your passion for yachting or golfing , we can do it.
If you wish to find a gorgeous refined woman of substance we can help.

The Result

Our database of potential matches for you, created within any city of your choice, including over-seas. It is confidential, customized, and very personal.

Please inquire within about how we may add a Special Search Package to your membership today!